Croatian Monuments

A significant source of data for my research is taken from the hundreds, if not thousands or tens of thousands, of monuments, statues and memorial placards scattered around Croatia. In my fieldwork, I have driven upwards of 6,600 kilometers throughout the country documenting any memorial I come across, whether in town centres, on country roads or above a long-abandoned shoe store.

May 2019 Trip

Field visits: Green and purple – August 2017; Orange – November 2017; Grey – March 2018; Blue – May 2019

My data set now encompasses around 520* individual physical manifestations of memory, around 400 of which you can see in the interactive map below. This is just a small sample of all monuments in Croatia, but this work highlights the importance of memory and the ongoing tensions that still exist in the country more than twenty years after its violent fight for independence.

*After additional visits to Croatia in October 2018 and May 2019, more than 120 monuments, particularly in Zagreb and Istria, will be added to the map and accompanying database.